Hand felted, & needle felted wool: Panda, Koala, Cat, Bat, Fish, Bison, Sea Otter, Sheep, and Dinosaur Ornaments

All ornaments are approximately 3 inches X 4 inches and weigh 10 grams to 15 grams.

Please e-mail any questions to Joanna Gleason at gfwsheep@gfwsheep.com or call 303.823.0837

Payment can be made by sending your check or by using Pay-pal for quickest delivery.
Please allow 7 to 10 business days for shipment of your order.

Panda Ornament

"Panda Ornament" in natural black and white wool: $25 each.

Cat Ornament

"Cat Ornament" in assorted natural wool colours and also dyed yellow wool: black, grey, spotted, brown, or yellow $25 each.

Color Choices

Bat Ornament

"Bat Ornament" in natural brown and white wool: $22 each.

Fish Ornament

"Fish Ornament" in assorted bright dyed wool: gold, pink, blue, or green $20 each.

Color Choices

American Bison Ornament

"American Bison Ornament" in shades of natural brown wool.
Horns are made of polymer clay. Bison may be special ordered in all white. $36 each.

Color Choices

Wool-Otter Ornament

Sea Otter "Wool-Otter" in shades of natural brown wool and white wool, with sea shell: $25 each.

Woolosaurus Ornament

Dinosaur "Woolosaurus" in brightest, assorted dyed wools: $30 each.

Sheep Ornament

"Sheep" in natural coloured wools: white, brown, black, silver, spotted, or black-faced/white $25 each.

Color Choices

Kolal Ornament

"Koala" in natural coloured silver and white wools: $25 each.

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