How to Make Booties From a Flat Piece of Wool Felt Part 3 ...

wool felt baby booties

And now, for a simple, fun project! These booties will fit a newborn to about three months of age. (Of course, it all depends on the birth size of the baby and how fast they grow.)

So as to suit the size of the booties, I have made a piece of felt that was only three layers thick and so ends up being about 1/8th to 3/16ths inch thick. The larger the size of the booties, the thicker you would want the booties to be. Another consideration (if you are making a larger size for someone that will be walking a lot) would be to stitch on a leather sole.

Notice that the seams are sewn on the outside of the booties. This makes for a smoother, softer feel on the inside. The seams can be stitched by hand, by sewing machine, or can be worked using felting needles.

bootie pattern

The pattern is traditional and quite simple. You will cut four tops and two soles. To alter this pattern and make it larger, measure the sole of the foot from heel to toe. Using graph paper, increase both length and width of the sole. You will also increase the top proportionately. I like to cut and sew a "prototype" out of inexpensive commercial felt first and try the size and shape before cutting and sewing a pair from my hand made felt. This way you can make adjustments and not consume your hand made felt before the pattern is just right.

Stitch the back seam first, then from the notch to the toe, then sew the sole onto the top. Use 1/8th to 3/16ths inch seam. Trim the seam evenly after stitching. Fold the top cuff down.

The booties are hand washable (soakable, no agitation) in cool water and mild soap. After a cool water soaking rinse, roll in a towel, reshape and let dry.

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