How to Make a Felted Pouch From a Flat Piece of Felt ...

The way that I do this is to first make sheets of felt as seen in our instructions. You could make one large piece of flat felt, that is both the background piece of felt, and also the colours you want to cut and needle felt onto the background piece. As in part of it is the background, and the other part is a colour assortment in sections of colours.

You can achieve a very wide variety of colours by using thin (sorta wispy) roving bits of different colours that are overlaid. You don't have to have rainbow roving to lay out a rainbow of coloured roving and create a rainbow coloured felt.

Also, if there is to be only one "good side" (one side that is seen) then make only one layer of the felt the dyed wools ... use plain undyed wool for the other layers ... this saves on the costs of dyed wools.

Cut the background piece of felt (knowing that it will be folded into thirds) three times longer than the finished wallet. Example: a finished wallet that is 6" X 7.5" started out being a rectangle of felt that was about 16.5" X 8". Allowing an extra bit for sewing 1/4" seams and making the folds.

cut piece of felt

felt pieces

It a good idea to cut out the shapes you want to needle felt onto the background and arrange them to see how well they will fit.

Next you will be needle felting on the designs with the other coloured bits of felt. (see instruction page on needle felting)

When you have finished the design work and needle felting, for a smoother finish the felt can be lightly wet felted again.

light wet felting

steam pressed

Allow the felt to mostly dry and then steam press into thirds and trim any irregular edges.

The pouch can also have beading applied at this time before any further assembly.

The pouch can be lined or not. Decide that now; if its not to be lined, then sew the side seams of the bottom two-thirds with right sides together. Turn right side out and steam press.

cut out lining

Following are instructions for sewing a lining. A bright coloured polyester or other synthetic satin lining is a good choice.

Lay the felt flat on top of the lining fabric and cut around the felt, making the lining 1/2 inch wider all around, and one inch wider across the bottom edge.

Stitch the lining as seen in the photo.

On the wrong side stitch the felted piece side seams.

sewn edges

felted piece and lining

Lay out the two pouch pieces as seen in the photo. Turn the felt pouch over and place the lining on top of the felted piece.

sewing felted piece to lining

Sew around the top as shown.

stitching seam

Turn right side out and sew the last edge of lining to the felt by hand.

top stitching

Steam press again and sew top stitching around front edge.

finished pouches

Sew on closure if one is wanted.

All done!

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