Soumak Tapestries by Joanna Gleason:

Soumak weaving is a very old form of finger weaving first done by the Persians hundreds of years ago. It is a series of knots (the weft) which completely cover a warp. There are no shuttles or harnesses or any sort of tool, only your fingers working to cover a streched warp. Some of these tapestries are DMC floss on a cotton warp, and the others are all handcarded, hand dyed, handspun yarn from our own wool (also on a cotton warp). The wool tapestries have a hand felted mat which is also of our wool. Most of these works have been exhibited in regional fiber shows and some are for sale. If you have any questions you can e-mail them to Joanna & Keith Gleason at

Golden Eye of the Sun
Golden Eye of the Sun

My Garden

Soumak Boxes

Sam's Garden

Mountain Spruce

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